NEETs 1-Absents’ Barometer

NEETs 1 –“Absents’ Barometer”

Project: “Absents’ Barometer”: Detection, categorization and empirical grounding of policy proposals for tackling a new form of social vulnerability: The NEETs (Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Note: All the key research data and findings of the Project have been published at the Social Data Network – So.Da.Net of the CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives –

  • Key Publications
  1. Papadakis, N. (ed.) (2013). Absents’ Barometer: NEETs (Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training) in Greece. Conference Proceedings. Athens: I. Sideris (in Greek).
  2. Drakaki, M., Papadakis, N., Kyridis, A. & Papargyris, A. (2014). “Who’s The Greek Neet? Neets’ Profile in Greece: Parameters, Trends and Common Characteristics of a Heterogeneous Group”. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 4(6), pp. 240-254.
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