Project Deliverables

W.P.1: “Theoretical justification and literature review based on international and national literature, international and national policy documents, official data and relevant research outcomes”

W.P.2: “Development of the methodological strategy of the research project (quantitative research for the psychological profile/potential psychopathology and triangular needs assessment based on qualitative and quantitative methods”

W.P.3: “Identification of the psychological profile of NEETs which will subsequently lead to the formulation of distinct classified sub-categories (nationwide quantitative research) and research on the impact of financial crisis on NEETs’ psychological profile and subsequently life course”

W.P.4: “Triangular needs-in-skills assessment of NEETs and development of taxonomic categories”

W.P.5: “Planning and development of a twofold comprehensive intervention proposal (towards NEETs’ social inclusion) in the form of research–based a) targeted and competence-based Training-Reskilling Programme (including counseling guidelines towards vocational guidance) and b) set of psychological supportive actions”

W.P.6: “Dissemination actions (informative material in the form of pamphlets, webpage, organization of Scientific Conference and Conference proceedings publication)”

W.P.7: “Quality assurance (horizontal action which constitutes a continuous internal feedback evaluation)”


Key Findings:

  • Theoretical Insights, Prior Research Findings and Key- Findings of the Quantitative Research of the ongoing ‘Neets2” project: NEETs’ social inclusion/exclusion, employability, civic values and political behavior (pdf)

Comprehensive Intervention at a glance:

  1. Educational material
  2. Teaching Methods
  3. Expected learning outcomes
  4. Counselling and Vocational Guidance Handbook for policy makers, structures and services
  5. Counselling and Vocational Guidance Handbook for NEETs in Greece
  6. Report on the proposed set of psychological support interventions
  7. Policy handbook for the better implementation and fine-tuning of NEETs’ a) training- eskilling programmes, b) counselling and vocational guidance and c) psychological supportive activities